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The company "Relematika" provides extended warranties for products manufactured from January 1, 2012. This became possible thanks to modern technology for the manufacture of electronic modules, strict quality control of components and multi-stage control during production. In addition, in 2011-2012, modernization was carried out to improve circuitry solutions in protection and automation terminals, which made it possible to achieve a significant increase in the noise immunity and survivability of devices in limiting modes. The statistics of the submitted claims and the low percentage of manufacturing defects confirm the high quality of our equipment.

Relay and automation terminals, auxiliary equipment
All of the above aspects allow Relematika to provide a 10-year warranty for all Medium Voltage (MV) terminals and auxiliary equipment.

RZA cabinets

The unconditional warranty period for relay protection and automation cabinets manufactured by "Relematik" is 5 years from the date of product release.

After the expiration of the warranty period, it is possible to extend it when carrying out maintenance (MOT) of the cabinet together with representatives of our company. After maintenance, the warranty period is extended by 5 years.

For the convenience of operating organizations, this maintenance can be tied to the nominal maintenance cycle (usually 4-6 years). Thus, a guarantee for the relay protection cabinet can be provided for the entire service life of the product. In addition, carrying out maintenance together with the manufacturer's representatives will reduce the time spent and improve the quality of maintenance. As part of the maintenance, training of operating personnel can also be carried out.

Warranty extension form