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'RelayTool' - protection relays parameterization and monitoring
'RelayTool' - protection relays parameterization and monitoring
The RelayTool program is designed to configure and display the technological parameters of protection and automation equipment produced by Relematika. You can send a request for more details via the consultation request form below ('Need a consultation?').

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Power facility configuration

  • creation of a complete structure of the power facility, adding all PAC devices
  • complete configuration of protection relays
  • alignment of signal exchange via supported communication protocols
  • working with one protection terminal at a time

Protection settings management

  • reading and assigning settings
  • control of settings changes
  • saving settings to file
  • loading settings from the file to the protection relay
  • processing setting groups

Configuration of TOR 300 and TOR 200

  • adjusting signals for BI/BO
  • customization of LEDs and function keys
  • disturbance recorder and event log setup
  • setting up signals for transmission via communication protocols
  • configuration comparison

Disturbance records management

  • reading waveforms directly from devices
  • manual start of the disturbance recorder
  • deleting waveform files from devices
  • auto-call of the program for viewing and analyzing waveforms
  • maintaining waveforms archive


  • viewing and printing of registered, calculated and current analog values of IEDs, both in relative and in primary values
  • ability to selectively update the IED data
  • viewing a vector diagram in real time based on data from IEDs

Fault locator configuring

  • assigning parameters of line sections
  • assigning HVL branch line parameters 
  • fault locator parameters reading and recording

The PAC engineer automated workstation is designed to automate data collection and work with relay protection and automation devices.

It is based on the advanced software version RelayTool Pro. 

The automated workstation can be used as a part of substation automation system (SAS) and has the following distinctive features:

  • simultaneous work with all protection relays
  • multiple users and access rights separation between them
  • automatic download of waveforms, events, synchronization
  • data archiving from all IEDs on click
  • creation of reports (general, user action etc)
  • support for equipment from third-party companies (e.g.: SPAC, REF 542 PLUS, SEPAM 2000, SEPAM 80)
  • creating special templates for integrating various devices
  • priority for consultations and inquiries, development of modules on request
RelayTool without administrator rights can be launched from the command line with the / noadmin parameter. The most convenient way is to set up a shortcut for launching RelayTool with this parameter by adding it to the Object line. In this case, the software will communicate with protection relays series TOR.

Send us a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send us a message and our specialists will promptly answer all your questions.
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