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March 30, the day of foundation of the company. Start of R&D activities in relay protection and automation with ABB (Sweden)
  • The staff of the company is 18 people.
  • Successful acceptance of Bresler PDP 500 kV device by the multi-authority commission.
  • The first delivery to the power transmission line 500 kV of the Far East (a branch of PJSC FGS UES).

  • The staff of the company is 49 people.
  • Launching the production of TEMP 2501 device.
  • The PSC software for setting calculating is developed.
  • The staff of the company is 75 people.
  • Launching the production of 110–220 kV line protection and circuit breaker automation cabinets, as well as TOR 100 and TOR 200 series IEDs.
  • First deliveries to Unified Energy Systems of Russia.
  • The staff of the company is 110 people.
  • Launching the production of transformer protection cabinets.
  • The software complex PRiZ ETO has been developed.
  • The staff of the company is 150 people.
  • Launching the production of busbar protection cabinets.
  • The staff of the company is 179 people.
  • Launching the production of generator protection cabinets.
  • The program for calculating the emergency modes "TKZ ++" has been developed
  • The staff of the company is 236 people.
  • JSC MOESK has implemented Bresler fault location system which proved itself during the ice rain in the Moscow region (acknowledgement from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia).
  • Release of the 1000th cabinet.
  • The staff of the company is 308 people.
  • Comprehensive upgrade of production. Hi-tech SMD line MYDATA was launched for assembling electronic modules with a high quality.
  • Admission to the Russian National Committee of CIGRE.
  • The staff of the company is 343 people.
  • Extension of production areas by 2.5 times.
  • Launching the production of TOP 300 series IEDs with IEC 61850 standard support.
  • A working model of digital substation (IEC 61850) was arranged at the company.
  • Opening of Relematika Training Center.
  • QMS is certified for compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Release of the 10000th device series TOP 200.
  • The staff of the company is 388 people.
  • Certification of emergency control automation complex series Bresler SHA 2420.
  • The licenses to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear power plants have been obtained.
  • The staff of the company is 420 people.
  • Certification of 110–220 kV protection complex based on TOP 300 series IED.
  • Support for IEC 61850 in all manufactured HV devices and complexes.
  • Completed joint R&D works with JSC Tyumenenergo: Universal earth fault protection device (TOP 110-EFP), Fault location indicator, TOP 120, Centralized PAC.
  • The staff of the company is 413 people.
  • Certification (testing) of the 220–750 kV protection complex at the site of PJSC Rosseti.
  • KEMA certificates of conformity to IEC 61850 for TOP 200 and TOP 300 are obtained.
  • The first projects are completed using the IEC 61850 (MMS, GOOSE, SV) standard (Nizhegorodskaya HPP).
  • The staff of the company is 423 people.
  • Changing the company name from "IC Bresler" to "Relematika".
  • Completed R&D: Cable-overhead lines automatic reclosing, Geo fault location system and Adaptive distance protection.
  • Release of the 5000th protection cabinet.
  • The staff of the company is 448 people.
  • Certification of UniSCADA - Automation Control System in PJSC Rosseti.
  • TOR 300 is certified as a measuring tool.
  • Training Center is opened in IDGC of the Urals (Chelyabinsk).
  • Launching the serial production of modified TOR 200-16.
  • TOR 300 HSATS (high-speed ATS solution) is approved by PJSC Transneft.
  • 6 (10) kV switchgear of the S-410 series is certified by PJSC Transneft.
  • Successful tests of phase differential protection for Digital Substation.
  • The staff of the company is 457 people.
  • A new line of products for auxiliary supply board and direct current board was implemented.
  • The development of Geo fault location system was rewarded by the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation as a contribution to the development of Fuel and Energy Complex.
  • Development of Centralized PAC is an innovative project of 2017 in the 8th All-Russian competition of grid companies "The best electrical power systems of Russia".
  • The staff of the company is 471 people.
  • TOR 200-16 IED is approved as a measuring tool.
  • Teachers of our Training Center are qualified as WorldSkills judges.
  • A representative office is opened in Samara.
  • Implementation of the first 35/10 kV digital substation "Detskoselskaya" at PJSC Lenenergo.
  • Rebranding in terms of changing the logo and slogan of the company.
  • Launching the serial production of TOP 200-16 compact version.
  • Start of sales of the GRaNaTT software solution.
  • Completed R&D: Remote backup protection, Wave fault locator, Peterson coil protection.
  • Training Center starts teaching online.
  • Release of the 9000th device of the TOP 300 series.

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