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IEC 61850. Digital platform

Conventionally, analog values are injected by conventional instrument transformers directly into the IEDs. They combine analog-to-digital conversion of the signals with their analysis (digital filtering) and decision-making algorithms. The IEC 61850 standard, which is getting more and more popular, allows digital exchange of data between (standalone) merging units and protection devices. Merging units (MUs) being an integral part of the digital substation repeatedly digitize the analog signals and transfer them to the process bus as packets ensuring labeling and integrity of data during their transfer. The process bus represents a communication network, interconnecting data publishers and subscribers. Protection and control IEDs receive digital packets and process corresponding currents and voltages. The transfer of the instantaneous values of currents and voltages is required for the performance of all functions available in the PAC units (relays). Thus, protection and control devices connected to the process bus register electric processes as sampled signals of currents and voltages in the same way as if the analog-to-digital conversion has been carried out directly in the relay. The digital communication is generally effected via optic cables and offers a number of advantages for the secondary circuitry of the substation compared to the conventional wiring.

Since 2012, Relematika has been continuously implementing projects based on the IEC 61850 standard. Our equipment and tools meet completely the latest requirements related to this standard. They have all necessary support and are compatible with equipment from other vendors worldwide (verified in certified laboratories). Our devices have user friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) and can be easily integrated in Automatic Process Control Systems.

TOR 300 devices meet completely the latest addition of the standard and support MMS, GOOSE and SV (according to IEC 61850-9-2 LE). They can be a part of digital substation and ensure connection to process bus. Merging units or non-conventional (optical or low power) transformers generate SV streams and further all IEDs process these values, filtering them and successfully use for relay protection functions, metering and automation.      

TOR 200 devices support only MMS and GOOSE messages connected to the station bus. Current and voltage measurements are performed by using connections to conventional transformers.

Both platforms have international certificates (DNV-KEMA) and extensive field experience.

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