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Ready-made PAC cabinets

Ready-made relay protection cabinets are usually installed at HV, EHV and UHV Substation Control Center or in station main control room. 

We will be glad to design and provide complete functionality, fully adapted to your specific project needs, in assembled, tested and pre-configured relay protection, automation and control cabinets.

The relay cabinet is a metal construction (by RITTAL etc.) which can be one of the standard sizes depending on the number of IEDs and type of protection. Relay cabinets can be one-sided or two-sided service with metal, glass or windowed front doors. A relay cabinet can consist of two cabinets coupled together. 

Also we can do engineering (assembling scheme design), or offer you standard cabinet schemes.

Standard relay cabinet sizes

 Width, mm   Depth, mm  Height, mm
606 600  2005 (+ 200) 
806 600 2005 (+ 200)
1006 600 2005 (+ 200)
1206 600 2005 (+ 200)
1606 600 2005 (+ 200)

A protection cabinet may have one or more TOR 300 IEDs inside and on its front or back board. Beside this, a cabinet may contain a range of components such as:
  • HF transceivers
  • control switches and buttons
  • test blocks
  • signal lamps
  • power relays
  • insulation monitoring relays
  • communication equipment
  • metering equipment
  • auxiliary power equipment
  • power socket
  • lighting lamp
  • document pocket
  • whiteboard etc.

  • all cabinets are based on powerful TOR 300 IEDs 
  • customized solutions according to specific requirements
  • fully adapted to your project
  • all assembling, testing and pre-configuring is already done
  • all required equipment is inside the cabinet

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