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HV, EHV and UHV grids

Transmition grid comprises a high number of widespread HV, EHV and UHV lines and substations intended for delivery of electric energy to different consumers. All grid components must operate reliably despite different natural events and any changes of energy consumption. However a lot of accidents that can damage power lines and substation equipment happen unpredictably. 
Our engineering solutions provide a full range of PAC equipment for HV, EHV and UHV networks:

  • main transmission overhead and/or cable line protection
  • backup transmission line protection
  • bay control terminal
  • busbar protection
  • two- and three-winding transformer protection
  • autotransformer protection
  • reactors protection
  • capacitor banks protection
  • local system integrity protection
  • fault location
  • disturbance and event recording

Depending on the power system voltage and primary equipment we can offer IEDs for three- or single-phase tripping and autoreclosing. If required, TOR 300 devices can be provided in assembled, tested and pre-configured relay protection cabinets fully adapted to your specific project requirements.

Relematika provides different solutions for protection, automation and control of HV, EHV, UHV transmission lines either as standalone IEDs or complete PAC cabinets. Its flexible HW and SW platform permits to incorporate many protection functions in one IED. Terminal or cabinets are suitable for either single-pole or three-pole tripping  with single or double breakers per protected power line.

PAC for transmition lines

  • line current differential  protection terminal
  • distance protection terminal    
  • breaker failure protection terminal
  • automatic breaker control terminal
  • fault location terminal
  • disturbance and event recording terminal
  • power factor compensation equipment protection

Relematika’ s transformer PAC devices TOR 300 DPT provide users with superior main and backup protection as well as control functionality which allows for quick clearing of severe internal faults. Available maintenance on request functionality enhances overall safety and protection reliability by reducing fault clearing time and lowering potential incident energy levels. Three independent zones and event recording feature help reduce troubleshooting time, maintenance requirements and overall costs.

TOR 300 DPT devices provide all necessary main and backup protection functions for two or three- winding transformers and autotransformers on all voltage levels (UHV\EHV\HV\MV). They can protect and control, in addition to their main functionality, also complete (auto)transformer installations, including their bus arrangement, circuit breakers as well as fault current limiting reactors.

Back up distance and overcurrent protections may be incorporated into the TOR 300 DPT device or installed into the cabinets as TOR 300 DIS devices.

Breaker and internal busbar faults are generally accompanied by high-level short circuit currents and thereafter create very dangerous conditions for power system stability. That is why very fast tripping is absolutely required for busbar protection as well as its selectivity for detection of internal and external faults. 

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