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The world is changing very fast and power systems evolve even faster. Just a century ago overwhelming share of energy was generated by thermal and hydro power plants. Just fifty years ago nuclear power stations dominated in the international energy construction process. For many years the generator has been the most expensive and major component in electrical power systems.  Today, Relematika ensures reliable solution and products for safe and reliable operation for different sources of electrical energy.

A huge renewable energy market is very attractive today. Many solar and wind renewable sources are interconnected to distribution and transmission systems. This initiates some important questions regarding complete system stability. We provide modern IEDs and solutions for distributed generation as well.

Relematika provides several types of protection and control cabinets designed on the basis of either TOR 300 GTP 510 (for protection of medium and low power generators) or TOR 300 GTP 511 (universal generator protection) to meet your business and technical needs.

Cabinets equipped with powerful microprocessor-based TOR 300 GTP devices provide complex relay protection of synchronous generators, either combined with a step-up transformer or operating in parallel with other generators to the same busbars. Two identical protection cabinets are installed to increase reliability of the complete protection scheme. Each of them includes the full set of protection functionality with independent operational, measuring and output circuits. As you can see, the duplication principle is implemented as a rule. Our delivery includes also the setting recommendations for all including protection and control functions.

Protected objects 

  • different configurations of generator-transformer blocks
  • synchronous generators connected directly to busbars
  • autonomous synchronous generators
  • step-up transformers
  • auxiliary power supply transformers
  • rectifier transformers for excitation systems

Main functions

  • Generator protection
    • PGDF (87G) -generator differential protection
    • PITF(64W) - interturn overcurrent (unbalance) protection
    • PVOC (51V) - voltage controlled  overcurrent protection  
    • PDIS (21) - distance protection with power swing blocking (out-of step protection)
    • PHIZ (64S) - stator earth fault protection
    • PSEF (50G/51G) - stator residual current earth fault protection
    • PSOL (49GS/51S)  - stator overload protection
    • PPBR (46S)  - negative sequence current based asymmetric stator overload protection
    • PTOV (59)  - overvoltage protection
    • PTUV (27) - undervoltage protection
    • PGPR (32P) - active power protection (forward/ reverse watts elements)
    • PPAM (78V) - protection against asynchronous conditions without loss of excitation (out-of step protection)
    • PFRQ/PTOF/PTUF (81H/81L)  - over and under frequency protection 
    • RPSB - power swing protection
    • PUEX (40) - loss of excitation protection
    • PVPH (24) - over excitation (volt per Hz) protection  
    • PROL (49R) - rotor thermal overload protection
    • RBRF (50BF) - breaker failure protection
    • PVCB (60)  - fuse failure protection
    • RSYN (25) - synchronism check
    • RDIR - disturbance and event recording function
  • Step-up transformer protection is ensured by TOR 300 DPT 
  • Auxiliary power supply transformers protection is protected by TOR 300 DPT 
  • Rectifier transformer + excitation system protection
    • PTDF (87TE) - phase current transformer differential protection
    • PTTR (49TE) - overload protection of rectifier transformer
    • PIOC/PTOC (50TE/51TE) - overcurrent protection of rectifier transformer
    • PHIZ (64R) - two-point rotor earth fault protection
    • PROL (49R) - rotor thermal overload protection
    • PDCO (76) - rotor excitation current overload protection
    • PUEX (40R) - loss-of-excitation protection
    • PREF (64R) - single earth fault protection (excitation circuits)

Relematika also produces microprocessor-based control devices for precise automatic synchronization of generators and consequently their connection to parallel operation with power system. These devices can be additionally used for connection of synchronous compensators.

The main functionality of the device is synchronism check (RSYN (25):

  • adjusting generator speed by control pulses towards the speed controller
  • adjusting generator voltage by control pulses towards the automatic excitation controller
  • determination of the highly accurate synchronization conditions
  • generation of close command to the generator circuit-breaker with a predetermined lead time
  • disturbance recording of the generator synchronization process

Power plants have a lot of medium voltage switchgears for supply of motors, auxiliary step-down transformers and so on. Small and powerful asynchronous and synchronous motors, as well as two-speed powerful motors and any outgoing feeders can be reliably protected by Relematika IEDs. The TOR 200 platform ensures a full range of protection, automation and control devices with optimal functionality, furthermore it guarantees excellent interoperability with SCADA systems by different interfaces and protocols including the IEC 61850 standard.

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