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Central signalling unit
Central signalling unit

The IED TOR 200 CSU is intended for use as a central signaling unit. The device can be used in all types of switchgear cells, as well as in cabinets.

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  • organization of three buses of a group alarm signalling with an action on an impulse signaling relay;
  • organization of three buses of group warning signaling;
  • control of serviceability of group signaling buses;
  • detection of signals on the buses of the group alarm and warning signalling;
  • formation of audio alarm signalling and warning signalling;
  • reception of 34 binary signals with action on alarm and warning signalling;
  • voltage control of signaling and flashing buses;
  • local signalling.

The IED also performs measurements of analog signals, oscillography and recording of abnormal modes, data transmission using Modbus protocols, IEC 60870-5-103-2005 and IEC 60870-5-104-2004, as well as IEC 61850-8-1 . The device has a freely configurable logic, the use of which allows you to modify the functional scheme of the IED, taking into account the specifics of the protected object.

The IED can contain up to 8 measuring and up to 41 binary input circuits.

It is possible to invert binary input signals, as well as set the time delay for operation and return of input signals using the RelayTool program.

The IED can contain up to 14 output relays. Using the RelayTool program, you can change the purpose of the output relays of the device, disable the operation of individual relays and invert the control signal of the output relays.

The IED has 40 signal LEDs, 6 LEDs of impulse signaling relay. The purpose of the signal LEDs and the mode of operation (latching or non-latching) can be changed using the RelayTool program.

The IED measures the currents of the alarm buses and the voltages of the alarm and flashing buses.

The IED provides disturbance recording and events recording.

The emergency oscilloscope provides oscillography of analog and binary signals in emergency modes. The oscilloscope start is generated when the protection triggers. The list of recorded signals and start conditions can be changed using the RelayTool program. 

The event recorder allows you to record starts and trips of protection, changes in the state of binary inputs and output relays. The list of registered events can be changed using the RelayTool program.

The IED has the ability to execute control commands received from the ACS system via communication channels.

Send us a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send us a message and our specialists will promptly answer all your questions.
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