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We are proud of scientific and creative potential of our employees. The results of their fundamental research make it possible for Relematika to develop innovative hardware and software solutions within the field of substation automation and relay protection systems. A quarter of our team, including 17 specialists with Ph.D. degree, is involved in research and development of new products and solutions. All of them are very active in our turnover and contributes this way (together with achievements of its experts) to faster development of the electric power industry as a whole.

Research interests:

  • digital signal processing 
  • fault location
  • cybersecurity
  • algorithm research
  • power system simulation 
Our company is a Collective member of Russian National Committee CIGRE, a number of our employees work actively in different SC.B5 (Protection and Automation) national and international working groups. This way we participate also in the development of international standards and have the possibility to implement them in our products.
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Send us a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send us a message and our specialists will promptly answer all your questions.
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