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TOR 300 series IED Frame 3/4

The TOR 300 platform includes the full range of relay protection, automation and control IEDs for applications in electric power systems. The modularly designed hardware and software platform TOR 300 and its engineering tool offer a wide product range for every application and requirement. These modern PAC devices provide full-scheme protection and incorporate all functions usually required for the protection of MV, HV, EHV and UHV transmission grids. The TOR 300 IEDs are designed for fast and selective fault clearance on different elements of a transmission grid. Each line protection IED is suitable for single and/or three-pole tripping applications with or without pilot teleprotection schemes.

System integrity protection scheme (SIPS) - or wide area protection (WAP) - can be created on IEDs for power system stability as well. Different functions for system stability and automatic control are designed for these purposes and can be implemented in stand-alone system integrity devices or be a part of protection relays.   

The TOR 300 IEDs can be also used for protection of power generation objects – hydro, thermal, nuclear power plants as well as distributed power generation. Verified protection algorithms provide fast and selective fault clearance inside the protection zone of small and big generators, different generator-transformer-auxiliary transformer- excitation transformer groups, and so on.

All TOR 300 IEDs have an extensive communication functionality which makes them an integral part of existing digital protection, automation, and control systems according to IEC 61850 standard.

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The TOR 300 platform allows reliable protection, automation and control of  MV, HV, EHV and UHV power systems, to combine main and backup protection functionality in a single device. It also provides a lot of additional functions, such as fault location, remote and local breaker control, LED signaling, disturbance and event recording, non-commercial energy measuring, and so on.


Each TOR 300 device is freely programmable. Functional logical diagrams have been developed with the use of graphical programming tool allowing for configuration of binary inputs and outputs, analog inputs, control buttons, LEDs, disturbance recorder, event recorder, user interface. Freely programmable logic makes it possible to modify typical functional logical diagrams considering a peculiar nature of the protected object. Four basic types of standard 19" case allow the user to choose the most appropriate solution.


The IEDs can be applied on substations with AC, rectified AC and DC auxiliary voltage. Operating auxiliary voltage range is between 88 … 242 V of DC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz AC selectable by the user. Low power consumption, not sensitive to auxiliary power interruptions, wide temperature range from -40 °C to +55 °C  - these are some main properties of TOR 300 devices.


TOR 300 has built-in internal continuous self-supervision and fault detection functions which, being activated, enable detecting and alarming (input signal, LED indication) internal faults. TOR 300 ensures no false connection of output relay contacts when energizing and/or disconnecting auxiliary power supply source (regardless the duration of power supply interruption). The device enclosure provides high protection degree according to IEC 60529.


Implementation of various communication protocols, such as IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, ModBus-RTU, Modbus-ASCII and IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS, GOOSE), ensures integration of the IED into substation monitoring and automated process control system, as well as provides data changing with other devices. Standard  IEC 61850-9-2 allows connection to "digital (low power or non-conventional)” current and voltage transformers as well as to Merging Units. Built-in optical or HF-ports allow for implementing different types of differential or pilot-wire protection types (optical line current differential, HF-carrier aided directional and others). 

Protection, automation, control, monitoring and measuring devices for different primary equipment:

  • transmission cables and overhead lines

  • two winding, three winding transformers

  • autotransformers

  • different types of reactors

  • busbars

  • capacitors banks

  • generators

  • generator- transformer

  • etc.

Analog CT an VT input circuits

Flexibly adjustable quantity of input CTs, VTs within the scope of application:

  • 48 - extended application in ¾  x 19’’ housing

Binary input and output circuits

  Flexibly adjustable quantity of BIs/BOs within the scope of application

  • 8 to 140 binary inputs

  • 5 to 137 binary outputs

Environmental conditions

  • operating temperature range from - 40 °С to +55 °С
  • phase differential protection
  • current differential protection of distributed objects with optical communication channel
  • directional comparison carrier current protection
  • distance protection including teleprotection schemes
  • current differential protection for transformers, generators, etc.
  • over/under current protections
  • protection and automation with voltage, frequency and power control
  • breaker control functionality
  • fire-extinguishing automation
  • disconnector blocking, control, etc.
  • local system integrity protection
  • One platform – a high number of different applications 

  • Fast and reliable protection algorithms

  • User-friendly configuration tool

  • Interoperability with third-part SCADA according to IEC 61850 standard and protocols

  • Extreme environmental immunity 

Send us a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send us a message and our specialists will promptly answer all your questions.
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