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TOR 200 Compact series IED
TOR 200 Compact series IED

TOP 200 Compact is a modernized device based on the TOP 200 platform. Our company developed this product in order to increase the competitiveness of our products for MV equipment protection. The changes affected the weight and dimensions of the protection relays, and the hardware was also optimized.

TOR 200 Compact devices are designed for present and future conventional as well as digital substations with extensive communication functionality according to IEC 61850 international standard, making them this way a part of Smart Grid. The comprehensive range of TOR 200 Compact products completely satisfies protection requirements on distribution markets and industrial applications – from overcurrent protection via transformer protection, double-speed motors and many other applications.

Platform ТОR 200 Compact applies to protection, automation, measuring and control in medium voltage networks with different earthing of their neutral points. Signaling, event-recording, disturbance-recording, CB diagnostics functions as well as necessary interlocking are all included in the IED functionality.


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Flexible application

A wide range of communication capabilities makes it possible to include TOR 200 Compact in practically any station automation system, including (on special request) the most modern ones based on IEC 61850-8-1 standard (GOOSE and MMS). It allows free configuration of internal logic, binary inputs/outputs as well as LED indication together with push buttons on its front HMI.

TOR 200 Compact as a part of Digital Substation

Supporting IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS, GOOSE) allows TOR 200 Compact devices to perform data exchange over the station and process bus. Each of them can simultaneously support the connection of up to 6 clients (e.g.: main and backup server of the SCADA, main and backup server of automated workstation). Furthermore, the device can receive and transmit up to 16 GOOSE messages (up to 300 signals in each GOOSE message). This way it may contribute to cost reduction for implementation of certain station related functions, e.g. logical busbar protection of MV busbars, etc.

Product versions

  • Monoblock for rear connection 
  • IED with removable front-connected HMI

Disturbance and event recording

All measured and calculated analog quantities, logic signals of the protection and logical functions (starts and triggering of protection, automation, alarms etc., overall up to 256 additional signals) are recorded. The disturbance recorder starts automatically after one of 29 programmable starting conditions occurs. Records are automatically archived according to "first in – first out" principle.
The capacity of the event recorder is 1000 events; at least 256 logical signals are registered. The list of registered signals is set by means of the service software. All events with time marks (in 1 ms step) are available for viewing on local HMI interface and also transferred to SCADA and monitoring system. 


TOR 200 Compact IEDs are equipped with advanced system for internal self-supervision and diagnostics. The built-in software and hardware provide continuous monitoring of the complete IED, ensuring this way its high operating reliability.

TOR 200 Compact devices are applied in protection, automation, and control systems of distribution substations, power plants and industrial substations.   

The IEDs are intended for installation into the outdoor/indoor switchgears, on the relay protection panels and have very high durability to harsh environmental conditions and electromagnetic disturbances on AC/DC circuits. The TOR 200 Compact IEDs are suitable for networks with resistance and reactance earthed, arc compensated, isolated and solidly earthed neutral.

Protection, automation, control, monitoring and measuring devices for different primary equipment:

  • outgoing overhead and cable lines

  • incoming feeders

  • busbar coupling (section) breakers

  • two-winding power transformers

  • voltage measuring transformers

  • capacitor banks

  • asynchronous and synchronous motors

  • double-speed motors

  • tap-changer control of power transformers (voltage control)

Main functions according to IEC 61850-5 and IEEE Std C32.7 -2008:

  • PIOC (50)  - instantaneous overcurrent protection

  • PTOC (51) - time delayed  overcurrent protection

  • PDOC (67) – directional overcurrent protection,

  • PVOC (51V) – voltage controlled  overcurrent protection

  • PDEF/PSDE (67N)  - directional earth fault overcurrent protection

  • PDIS (21) - distance protection

  • PTDF/PMDF (87) - transformer / motor differential protection

  • PTTR (49) - motor thermal protection

  • RBRF (50BF) - current based breaker failure protection

  • RREC (79) – automatic reclosing

  • ATCC-  transformer tap changer control

  • PFRQ (PTUF, PFRC) - frequency dependent load shedding

  • PTUV- undervoltage load shedding

  • CSWI - local and remote breaker control

  • SCBR - circuit breaker status monitoring (control circuit, SF6 pressure, tripping time, etc.)

  • RDRE - disturbance and event recording

  • RFLO - fault location

  • SLTC – tap changer monitoring

  • MMXU – measurements of currrent, voltage, frequency etc.

  • circuit breaker mechanical and switching life-time monitoring

Device hardware

  • up to 19 binary inputs

  • up to 22 binary outputs

  • 8 analog inputs (4 CTs and 4 VTs) 

Housing width

  • ¼ x 19" 

Front panel

  • 6-line OLED display
  • buttons for local control of the breaker
  • 6 programmable buttons / keys with backlight
  • 16 configurable two-colour LEDs
  • USB-port for local parametrization / powering from a laptop

Environmental conditions

  • operating temperature range from - 40 °С to +55 °С  

More information is available in Technical specifications  manual

  • IEC 61850 protocol support (MMS, GOOSE)
  • Freely-programmable logic

  • Continuity of connection schemes for TOR 200 series

  • Power supply via USB  port

  • High noise immunity (tests according to IEC 61000)

  • Temperature range from -40°С to +55°С

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Max 200 ms ready-to-trip time

  • Resistance to 100% voltage dips: 500 ms

  • Protection against moisture on the front panel: IP54

  • 16 groups of settings

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