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TOR 150 series IED
The TOR 150 protection relay is designed for switchgear cubicles of medium voltage networks.  It can be installed in relay compartments of indoor and outdoor switchgears as well as in cubicles and panels on control boards. The device is one of the family of modern 6-750 kV microprocessor protection, automation and control devices. 

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The protection and automation device ТОR 150 has been designed for relay protection, automation, measurement and control of MV bays. Furthermore, there are signaling, event-recording, disturbance-recording, breaker diagnostics functions as well as necessary interlocking. It is suitable for overhead and cable lines, sectionalizer and incoming feeders, voltage transformers and small motors.
The devise can be supplied in two options with different number of input/output binary circuits: the basic version with 5 inputs/5 outputs, the maximum with 10 inputs/10 outputs.  
ТОR 150 can be installed in relay compartments of indoor and outdoor, outdoor switchgears, in cubicles and panels on control boards.
The protection relays can be produced according to the customer special request in case of non-standard applications.

* Please note that the product is subject to change and improvement. We will update you as soon as possible.

  • Four current/voltage analog channels
  • Up 10 binary inputs
  • Up 10 output relays
  • Hardware versions with/without OLED-display
  • Set of protections for medium voltage feeders
  • Circuit breaker control and diagnostics
  • Measuring U, I, f
  • Different communication protocols
  • Standard IEC 61850 optional
  • Ethernet optional, RS 485 interface
  • Free configuration logic with user friendly editor
  • Powerful disturbance recorder (sampling rate 1000/2000 Hz, recording duration up to 400 s)
  • Power supply opportunities:
    • external DC/AC source 110/220 V
    • USB port type B
    • built-in source from current transformers
  • Stainless steel case, light weight
  • High EMC immunity
  • Wide operating temperature range (from -40°С up to +55°С)

* Please note that the product is subject to change and improvement. We will update you as soon as possible.

Breaker control

  • Close/open operations using push-buttons located on the front panel 
  • Close/open operations from switches on the relaying cubicle by binary inputs 
  • Remote control from process control system by interfaces 
  • Multiple reclosing blocking (anti jumping).
  • Control circuits monitoring (close circuit supervision, trip circuit supervision, ready-state of circuit breaker)
  • Tripping circuit latching


  • Set of protection functions for medium voltage network feeders
  • Several stages overcurrent protections
  • Current earth-fault protection
  • Over/under voltage protections
  • Residual voltage protection
  • Negative-sequence voltage protection
  • Unbalance protection
  • Sensitive current CBFP element


  • Auto reclosing
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Under-frequency automation


  • Ethernet interface (twisted pair)
  • RS 485 interface (twisted pair)
  • IEC 61850 (MMS, GOOSE)
  • IEC 60870-5-103
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Modbus


  • 8 two-colored LEDs on the front panel
  • Output signal relays (including reassigned ones) with normally open and switching contacts
  • LEDs ON., OFF on front panel for breaker position signaling
  • Protection stages operation signaling on OLED-display

Measurements and monitoring

  • Primary or secondary value
  • Phase currents measurement
  • Line voltages measurement
  • Zero-sequence current measurement
  • Residual voltage measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Binary inputs and output relays states monitoring
  • Breaker parameters monitoring:
    • last breaker disconnection time
    • last breaker connection time
    • commutation life of breaker (phase-wise)
    • mechanical life

Disturbance recording

  • Up to 29 settable start conditions
  • 4 types of start modes
  • Sampling rate: 1000, 2000 Hz
  • Total duration of records: up to 400 sec
  • Recording all analog signals and up to 256 discrete signals
  • Maximum number of records: 100
* Please note that the product is subject to change and improvement. We will update you as soon as possible.

  • TOR 150 T-16 with current protection

    This version is used for protection of outgoing lines, incoming feeder breakers, bus section breakers
  • TOR 150 N-16 with voltage protection

    This version is used for busbar section ATS, under-/ overvoltage protection, 3U0 based earth-fault protection

Functions depending on version
TOR 100 T-16   TOR 100 N-16
  Three step non-directional overcurrent protection with start at undervoltage     Two-stage undervoltage protection
  Two step directional earth-fault overcurrent protection     Protection start at undervoltage
  Broken live conductor at I2 and ∆I protection     Bus section voltage monitoring
  Overcurrent protection acceleration     ATS start in case of power loss in the incoming feeder
  Line voltage control     Residual voltage protection
  Residual voltage earth fault protection     Protection of VT against ferroresonance
  Circuit breaker failure protection     Monitoring of open delta VT circuits
  Circuit breaker life supervision     Negative sequence voltage protection
  Autoreclosing     Rate of change of frequency protection
  Automatic backup powering     Two-stage underfrequency load shedding (UFLS)
  Normal mode restoration     Frequency actuated autoreclosing
  Underfrequency load shedding     UFLS acceleration
  Frequency actuated autoreclosing        
Note: • - basic function, ○ - optional function

* Please note that the product is subject to change and improvement. We will update you as soon as possible.
  • Seamless integration in SAS
  • High EMC immunity (level 3, class A)
  • Wide range of operational temperature (from -40°C to +50°C)
  • Modern interfaces and communication ports
  • Power supply from USB / CT /  110/220 V DC/AC
  • Hardware version with/without OLED display
  • Functional pushbuttons  on the front panel
  • Adaptation of logic to customer requirements
  • Stainless steel case, low weight and dimensions

* Please note that the product is subject to change and improvement. We will update you as soon as possible.
Send us a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send a message and our engineers will promptly answer all your questions.
Send us a message and our specialists will promptly answer all your questions.
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